Private Residence - Genoa

In Genoa, east of the city centre and a stone's throw away from the elegant city promenade of Corso Italia, lie are the neighbourhoods built during the 19th century expansion of the city.

Wide avenues and mansions in close contact with the sea stand in contrast to the narrow laneways of Genoa and their perpetual search for light.

Here light is not lacking and it is in one of these buildings that the light-filled apartment, the object of our project, is located.

The challenge

The clients are a young professional couple from Genoa, with two children, who are very sensitive to all the elements of interior design and quality furnishings.

From the start, their request was to bring as much natural light as possible into their home, get rid of the the subdivisions typical of early 1900s buildings and create a large, open space made for conviviality and hospitality.

The most difficult aspect was overturning an outdated idea of living where the kitchen was relegated to the back of the building, by bringing it to the front and making it the protagonist of this new, large designed space.

A challenge won thanks to the synergies created between the designer, the client and the company, as well as the mutual trust that has characterized our whole journey.


The main idea that guided the project was to give visual coherence and unity to the whole house as though there were no break in continuity as you go from one room to the next.

Through the continuous unfolding of the furniture, entirely custom made for the project, each area of the house invites you visually and physically to move on to the next: the bench that welcomes you at the entrance turns into the living room furniture, which arches and turns into wall cupboards, which then turn into open shelving and finally becomes the kitchen furniture.

A unique “story” told by the design, that embraces the entire home and interfaces with those who live there, whether they're cooking, entertaining, studying or relaxing.

Concept and result

The result is a home with a contemporary and urban flavour that is also warm and malleable, in order to accommodate many guests or to be a quiet refuge for the family.

Every detail is carefully designed, yet strongly tailored to those who live in this space, respecting their needs and the spirit in which everyone lives their own domestic intimacy.

Natural light, in this city that is always changing with the time and the seasons, enters the house and shines from the Park Avenue surfaces and boards by Mardegan Legno, conveying new and different emotions each time.

Park Avenue surfaces and boards by Mardegan Legno, conveying new and different emotions each time.