Private home – Saccolongo

This project involved the restoration of a villa in Saccolongo, at the foot of the Euganean Hills. We met the customers when we were exhibiting at a trade fair, during the first week of presenting Riserva 1885: they immediately fell in love with it.
The project entailed laying the floor of a 40-square metre living room and cladding an existing staircase. It was also a novelty for us to work with these planks and the idea was very attractive.

The challenge

The rectangular shape of the room made the work easy and this is exactly why we clearly appreciated having the opportunity to work with such a fine material: each Riserva 1885 plank is something unique, to be handled with care and with no room for mistakes.

Special attention was required for the base of the arch pier, around which we had to lay the planks without skirting: making curved shapes with such large precious pieces requires much care and precision

As for the staircase, we cladded the existing structure by painstakingly joining the planks onsite, thus achieving a seamless effect that enhanced the prestigious materials.

The outcome

The unique width of these planks also created a splendid outcome in the attractive intimate living room of this villa.
The rustic furniture, chosen by the couple, was given a contemporary twist, resulting in a highly refined overall look. The Riserva 1885 planks gave the room a sense of warmth and serenity characteristic of wood flooring while adding prestige with their important history.