The villa with pool, designed for a newly-wed couple by Roselli Architect(s), is set in the hinterland north of Bari where it borders the lower Murgia, along the road linking Terlizzi (Bari) with the XII century mediaeval hamlet of Sovereto, ancient abode of the Knights Templar, in a landscape characterized by centuries-old olive trees and dry-stone walls.
The 1,000 sq. m lot is part of a larger subdivision composed of 6 lots destined for the construction of single-family villas.

The challenge

The young clients requested a single-floor villa, with an open space living area, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, external living spaces that could be used at any time, a moderately sized pool, garden and external parking for at least two cars.
The objective was to construct a small villa with a modern architectural profile, but also with the typical characteristics of the buildings that have defined the Mediterranean Murgia for centuries.

The Inspiration

The project is the result of a careful study of the context and the architecture that predominates in this part of Puglia, a style defined by rationality, and horizontal and vertical lines.
The idea was also to utilise local materials like the undressed stone typical of the dry stone walls, but revisited from a modern perspective.

Concept and result

The volumes, geometries, disposition of the openings and choice of materials closely follow the essence of the local architecture.
The residence has a single floor of 155 sq. m, internally divided into two distinct areas (living and sleeping), and meets all the distributional and functional needs of the clients. The entrance opens onto the large spacious living area, according to a contemporary and modern lexicon. It contains the kitchen, dining and living room areas.

This part of the house is dominated by large sliding glass doors which enhance the wonderful play of natural light that is especially beautiful in our land, and which together with the shades of white, the colours of the construction paper lining the walls and the wide boards of pale brushed durmast oak, gives the whole area an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. The glass doors lead onto a veranda used as an outdoor living area which directly overlooks the pool area, creating continuity between the interior and exterior spaces.

The bathroom in the living area is especially elegant, featuring large grès porcelain tiles, with a self-standing panel clad in retrò cementine tiles, which supports the washbasin made of solid unplaned wood. These combine with the effect of the RGB lighting in the shower area to create a wellness space.

The external structure of the villa is characterized by dry stone walls, with other walls plastered or painted in natural colours, that contrast with the modernity of the raw cement staircase leading to the terrace, to create perfect harmony between tradition and modernity. The theme of the dry-stone wall is repeated in the perimeter walls and creates a theatrical effect in the portion of the wall surrounding the pool, casting reflections, light and shadows onto the surface of the water.

The exterior design is completed by a parking area covered by a white wood pergola and a green area with lawn, a few tall trees and citrus trees at the rear of the garden, creating a Mediterranean atmosphere which extends the space and harmonises the architecture as a whole.

The final result is a modern and functional villa, with all the architectural characteristics of the Mediterranean/Murgia area, whose every space is liveable, inside and out, and which perfectly meets the needs of the young owners.